Seafood varieties


Seafood includes fish and shellfish that is rich in proteins and minerals with less fat content than meat. Hence most people prefer to have seafood twice in a week either in the home or any restaurants. Seafood dishes include crab, fish, lobster, octopus, oyster, shrimp, and squid are often consumed by the people in many countries. In taking fresh seafood makes your body fit and healthy as it nourishes the bones and muscles. Hence it is recommended to have seafood often than consuming meat and poultry forms. Many chefs cook those types of seafood in different style based on the countryside and people also like the way they prepare. Tuna is the most commonly consumed fish as they are low in mercury and moreover, it tastes delicious when prepared in a traditional style. Around two hundred types of recipes can be cooked in different styles. Also, these seafood costs inexpensive and hence they always have high demand among people in many countries. Seafood can be harvested in many easy ways; hence it is cultivated in large population and varieties at a reasonable cost. Apart from many water sports activities, fishing is the major sport for most people as they love to cook instantly after catching the fishes to taste its flavor.